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Elena Podladchikova 
(Elena in Russian, Olena in Ukranian,  Lena [spoken] )
Present position: 
"Chef de Travaux" (Work Leader) of the Royal Observatory of Belgium;
"Senior Scientist" of the Solar-Tererstrial Center of Excellence-SIDC

Royal Observatory of Belgium
Avenue Circulaire-3-Ringlaan
B-1180 Brussels
phone:    +32 (0) 2 790 39 63
fax:         +32 (0) 2 374 98 22
email: E l e n a . P o d l a d c h i k o v a A T o m a . b e

Education   'Space Physics'

  • Astrophysics, the experimental educational program between astrophysical and theor. phys. dept. of KNU, Ukraine
  • 'Sun' at LPC2E/CNRS - Université d'Orléans, France.  Thèse de doctorat (en Français) or PHD Thesis (in English). February, 2002
  • Further Employement  

  • as Postdoc at Max-Planck (Lindau), Germany
  • as Research Assistant at ROB, Belgium
  • Tenure-Track Position at ROB, Belgium

    Present Purposes

  • The large scale impulsive solar processes.
  • Understanding of kinetic processes in the formation of quiet Sun corona
  • Software development (Auromatic EIT wave detector - NEMO) and scientific preparation for SECCHI onboard the NASA STEREO mission (co-Investigator).
  • Help with scientific support (co-Investigator) for SWAP, a new EUV imager onboard the ESA technology demonstration mission PROBA-2

    Recent Talks

  • More

  • CV
  • Review: Lattice models for solar flares and coronal heating 
  • Research
  • Selected Publications (physics)
  • Awards: The Zeldovich Medal 2008 (COSPAR)
  • NEMO tool: Catalogs of CME precursors
  • Operational Service - CME precursors in Real Time
  • Last updated on Februray 28, 2008